Scientific team

Mariangela Corsi, PhD

Mariangela holds a double degree Ph.D. in Life Science /Experimental Medicine, Innovative technologies in translational medicine from Université d’Artois (France) and Sapienza University of Rome (Italy). She performed a postdoc at “Institut de la Vision” in Metabolic and redox signalling in the brain as a post-doc before joining Tridek-One in 2022

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Guillaume Even

Guillaune holds a Bachelor of Science, BsC. with a certificate in industrial bio-experimentations. He graduated from ESTBA Paris university. Guillaume started in academic research (INSERM) as a technician. He joined Tridek-One 3 years ago and is specialized in preclinical models. 

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Tran Trang, PhD

Tran Trang graduated with a PhD in Life Science in 2011 at the University of Burgundy and has broad experience from in vitro target discovery up to preclinical candidate selection in metabolism and immuno-inflammation area. During her postdoc at Sanofi, she worked on anti-PCSK9 antibody (Praluent), an efficient cholesterol-lowering agent

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