Key advisors

Stéphanie Beq, PhD

Dr Stéphanie Beq is R&D director at Thabor Therapeutics, a biotechnology company developing innovative treatments for human mucosal inflammatory diseases. Stéphanie spent 15 years in research and drug discovery & development in immunology.  Stéphanie holds a PhD in immunological studies from the laboratory of Françoise Barre-Sinoussi (Nobel Prize in 2008). 

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Arnaud Foussat, PhD

Dr. Arnaud Foussat is Chief Executive Officer at Alderaan Biotechnology, a company developing novel therapies to treat cancer by targeting cells from the immune system. Arnaud has over 18 years of experience in immunotherapy research and development.  Arnaud Foussat is also Operating Partner at AdBio partners. Before joining AdBio Partners, Arnaud was

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