Alain Huriez, MD

Chairman and Managing Partner, AdBio Partners 

Alain brings over 30 years of experience in life sciences and finance. He started his career as a General Practitioner (GP) and then spent ten years in biotechnology drug development and regulatory strategy as vice president of Quintiles (IQVIA) Europe. Prior to joining VC firm Advent Life Sciences in 2012, and co-founding AdBio Partners (formerly Advent France Biotechnology) in 2016, Alain was a life science entrepreneur, associate partner at Truffle Capital, and CEO of Neovacs (vaccines) and TcLand-Effimune (now OSE-immuno) (molecular diagnostics, biologics). He has successfully founded five French biotechnology companies as well as the European PErsonalized MEDicine association (EPEMED), acting as chairman. 
Alain was also the first investor in Orphalan, a commercial-stage EU/US company in rare diseases. He has been chairman of the board since 2015. Alain is a Medical doctor, holds an MBA and a Master in health economics from La Sorbonne University, France.